School Strategy


We seek to excel and to be pioneers in our postgraduate programs on the local, regional and international levels through providing an educational teaching and learning environment that reinforces the diverse scientific research culture.


We aim to build a structure for directing and following up postgraduate programs, which will end up in preparing scientists and researchers who enjoy leading skills in different disciplines and fields of science to occupy specialized scientific and research positions and find solutions for the problems and challenges pertaining to their specializations. This is done through creating an educational environment which reinforces creative scientific research that promotes and distinguishes the departments in the university's schools and centers.



Field: Learning and Teaching Process
Goal: To improve the level of programs and teaching methods which motivate critical thinking.
Field: Scientific Research
Goal: To provide postgraduate students with the essential knowledge and skills of scientific research.
Field: Serving and Improving Society
Goal: To engage students in finding and solving societal problems via the application of a research methodology.
Field: University Environment
Goal: To employ human energies in serving the university environment.
Field: Organizational and Administrative University Structure
Goal: To raise the general image of the School of Graduate Studies and preserve the remarkable scientific reputation of The University of Jordan.
Field: Insurance of Quality and Continuous Learning
Goal: To make use of information and communication technology for society service.

Core Values


Transparency, Responsibility and Academic Freedom:
The method followed by the School of Graduate Studies is characterized by its openness, communication and responsibility in issues pertaining to education, scientific research and management. This method is mainly followed for the evaluation and arbitration of students' proposals.
Arab and Islamic Values
The School of Graduate Studies abides by the Arab and Islamic values in all its activities, programs and practices through academic and scientific research and students' exchange with Arab and Islamic institutions and organizations
Integrity, Justice, and Equity
In its relationship with its students, the School of Graduate Studies abides by the values of equity, humanness, and respect of its students' opinions and freedom. It also guarantees their rights and remains far from the ambivalence of standards in the decisions it issues through the methodologies and basics it follows in refereeing theses, which depend on a refereeing committee which consists of internal and external members. The School of Graduate Studies is keen to train its students on adopting ethical practices which reflect principles of scientific integrity and abidance by the university's ethical contract, in addition to opportunity equivalence and respect of others' opinions without bias.
Creativity and Excellence in Knowledge and Scientific Research
The School of Graduate Studies is committed to provide its students with the knowledge and skills essential for obtaining the skills of teaching, learning and scientific research to encourage their creativity and help them solve the problems of the contemporary society through establishing a rewards system for distinguished projects.

 Leadership and Teamwork
The School of Graduate Studies is keen to train its students on the basics and practices of effective leadership. It also attempts to reinforce their strong belief in professionalism, responsibility and sharing, to enable them to use their researches in strengthening the principles of leadership and work as a team that has an effect on its environment and society through encouraging them to participate in conferences and workshops on the local and international levels.
Considering it its mission, the School of Graduate Studies acts in response to its students' demands and needs for its services and programs. 
The School of Graduate Studies reinforces its students' principles of belongingness and devotion to their country, in addition to the disciplined professional behavior and positive constructive reaction through conscious participation in making public decisions that serve the country in the different political, economical and social fields.

Schoool of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Web site of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Jordan. We wish our students luck and thank them for making the University of Jordan, the mother of all universities locally and regionally, their choice for further study.

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